Published Work:


 Social Work in a Sustainable World, 2007, Lyceum Books Inc., Chicago, Illinois.

“Thought provoking . . . A wonderful text to help students develop critical thinking skills as they are applied to our profession . . . The illustrative examples—particularly from the author’s own work—are very helpful for understanding the proposed concepts and give them real-world relevance. . . . This content is critical to our profession—and world—moving forward.”

—Karen M. Sowers, University of Tennessee

Short Stories:

The following stories are included in the collection BIRD BOY and Other Stories.

“Lions and Tigers and Bears”: A physician takes his vegetarian girlfriend, for her birthday, to an animal rescue park. They observe a “predator feed” of turkey carcasses to the big cats. A lesson is learned about the food chain, including humans.

“Amelia’s Surprise”: Amelia’s mother is on her way to her daughter’s wedding. Amelia has lived independently with her fiancé since she graduated from college. This is expected of young couples these days. Except that Amelia has a genetic condition called “Amelia.”

“Neapolitan”: This has ice cream in it, but it’s not really about ice cream.

“Mojo Ovary”: The case of the disappearing ovary.

“It’s a Wig, Honey”: A robbery, an upcoming wedding, and a case of misidentification.