Mary Ruth is a young girl growing up in the 1950s in the town of Whittier, thirty miles east of Los Angeles. She and her family rescue a girl in tragic circumstances. Mary Ruth’s family, friends, and teachers are there for her when she has decisions to make. She comes to see how all of these people are invested in her upbringing.

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Thomas O’Brian is a precocious four year old who lives with his parents in Wisconsin.

Thomas has quite an imagination. Some of his daytime memories—though unusual—are pleasant:  living in Chicago and listening to the water in Lake Michigan (though he’s never lived in Chicago).  His nightmares are not so pleasant. He wakes up screaming, “He shot me!” from a hospital bed. “Who shot you, Thomas?” asks his mother.  Thomas replies, “I did something wrong to the woman in the bed! Her husband–the man shot me!”

Thomas is not alone in this life. He is visited, day and night, by a man named Rafael, a renowned Chicago surgeon, who was murdered several years ago.

The whole family is affected by Thomas and his “imaginary friend.” After mother and son visit a psychiatrist with a wealth of experience working with children and their past lives, Thomas’ problems begin to unravel and are finally understood.

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At the southern end of the central coast of California lay the Dunes, an undeveloped beach enclave with a few residents and many vacant lots. It was peopled by hippies, homeless veterans, and blue collar workers employed by tire stores, cleaners, gas stations and fast serve marts of the nearby city of Castillo.

It was 1974. Twenty-nine year old Libby Wheeler owned Henry’s Liquor, the only store in the twelve block area of the Dunes. Since her father died and left her the store, Libby has seen the Dunes change from a sleepy neighborhood to a troubled one. As the local economy stagnates and the Vietnam War winds down, Libby observes poverty, increasing homelessness and domestic violence, on a daily basis.

The Dunes is a story about how the life of a community and the dreams of a woman converge, and are changed for the better.

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Paul Sumwerth is a twenty five year old man with intellectual disabilities. His loving, overprotective parents are killed in a car accident. When the story begins, he labors in a boring job at a sheltered workshop. His stutter and slurred speech inhibit him from making friends. His one true ally is his Regional Center counselor, April. Upon his parents’ deaths, Paul’s sister, Valerie, estranged from the family for years, moves in with him. With her partner, Deena, she helps him sort things out.

The journey to young adulthood involves challenges for any person: Maintaining a household, pursuing school, finding employment, developing meaningful relationships, and making your own decisions. Paul’s life starts to change, as he struggles to escape his cocoon and become something bigger and more beautiful. He battles his sibling, reconnects with a girlfriend, earlier banished by his mother, and comes to see possibilities for his life he had never thought attainable.

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The stories that make up Bird Boy and Other Stories are full of longing and fantasy. They have been described as grotesquely whimsical or perversely comical. But not “Louie and the Retired Guys.” It’s just sweet. Start there and work your way in.

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Use My Bones is the story of a fifty -five year old homeless man, Kole Carpales. He is taken in by a church, the Temple of Tolerance, and given a cot in exchange for doing grounds work for them. Very unusual grounds work.

Kole is ill and his mother is dying. The hospital cannot diagnose her illness. Kole and his mother know what they have. They just can’t tell anyone.

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 Adabelle Goldstein and Tess Kenicott are hired to build a new professional social work program within the halls of academe. They are soon sucked into a mad maelstrom of university life with its dishonesty, incompetence, and just plain tomfoolery.

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