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My latest book, Tale of a Girl, is now available on
 It is a coming of age story of a girl, Mary Ruth Williams, and how she learns non-violence and helping others from her Quaker grandparents and her mother.

Thank you for visiting my website!

I am hoping this site will allow you to see what I am up to as a writer and to contact me if you would like to sample my work. I have written two novels and many short stories; a peek at their content is listed on the next page under “My Work.”

I am a retired social work professor and live in Long Beach, California, with my husband and three Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They are large hounds. However, if you unzip the tiny invisible zippers on their backs, you will find grandchildren inside. In my former life, I published many articles in my field and wrote a book, titled Social Work in a Sustainable World. It can be obtained directly from Lyceum Books Inc. or from

Since retiring in 2007, I spend my time walking my dogs, reading mostly fiction, attending writer’s conferences, such as Long Beach’s annual “Literary Women,” taking voice lessons, and singing in my choir. I also read aloud, weekly, to a group of women in an assisted living residence, usually from Funny Times. I try to leave them laughing.

And in this second life, I have been writing fiction! A member of a small novel writing group, I have found a second family. We meet weekly, eat, critique each other’s work, and function as cheerleaders for each other’s writing.

Inspired by one of my favorite author’s, Jane Smiley and, in particular, her novel, Moo, I was led to write my first novel, Carnal Academy, an excerpt of which is available on the next page. Its original name was Moo2, but I was afraid Ms. Smiley would have a cow; hence Carnal Academy.

Whether you are a friend, fellow reader, writer, or publisher, drop me a line!

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